These 5 happiness brands have a lot to teach us.. 

In today’s competitive business companies of all sizes and industries are constantly looking for ways to beat the competition more effectively.

Launch A Cloud takes happiness very seriously! Is that possible?
We make it our mission, not only to offer our services to you in an upbeat and happy way, but also to your customers.

It’s number one when working on your website, SEO, apps and other strategies. But happiness is no theory, it is a fact! Some of the most amazing brands have been built on happiness. Here’s a list of just 5 of them!

Build your brand based on happiness, not only will you (and your team) be excited to get up every morning but your customers will be excited to do business with your brand. They won’t even think twice about buying from you or hiring your services. And, if there’s ever a problem they will be understanding and forgiving. Happy customers will build your business.

Happiness Brand #1 is Zappos

Almost everyone has heard about Zappos’ incredible culture of happiness and customer driven service. Examples about employees and their kindness towards their customers are all over the Internet as the lofty goal to attain.

Tony Hsieh (CEO) tells the story of an instance when Zappos employee sent flowers to a customer who had just lost a loved one. Wow, are you that committed to your customers?

Every time I see the Zappos logo I think about unselfish customer service!

Happiness Brand #2 is Coke

Those cute Coke bears always seem to make people feel warm and fuzzy, every time you see a bear drinking Coke, commercial makers make it a point to show you that big. Mind you, bears are not traditionally thought of as happy, people are usually scared of them. So if a bear can “believe” in happiness when drinking a coke so can you!

I don’t know about you, but every time I see a polar bear I think of a happy bear drinking a coke, don’t you?

Happiness Brand #3 is Starbucks


“Starbucks has gotten much more in touch with the reason they’re here, and that’s to help create connections,”

Although we have an office I choose to meet with customers at a Starbucks because of the lively atmosphere and the feeling of “hey!  this is a place where I can perhaps connect with other business owners!”

That feeling is intentionally created by Starbucks, they want folks to have a good time during a business meeting and they cater to that with free WiFi and comfortable business furniture, etc.

It is a great place to get away from the grind while still getting your work done! Happiness while you work does not feel better than that..

Happiness Brand #4 is Virgin

happiness brand

Growing up, every time I heard the name Richard Branson I thought of an adventure. Here’s a guy who truly enjoys challenges and wows the world every time and as a result his company has constantly been taken to the next level.

Branson is the very definition of adventurous and Virgin is no different, always staying ahead in every major industry you can think of, from airlines to communications. It was so exciting when I first visited Britain, to fly Virgin, I felt like I was part of the common man’s success!

Every time I see the virgin logo I think of one of the happiest vacations ever, to London!


Happiness Brand # 5 is Apple

happiness brands

happiness brand, Apple stands at the top

Why would people line up and camp out for the latest Apple gadget? I think it is safe to say that Apple’s customers are more like loyal fans, perhaps they are the most loyal of any brand.

I am one of those loyal customers since I can’t see me ever buying a computer, phone, tablet, TV, router, music player, or even music from anyone else but Apple. And with their new innovations in car technology, health, and the internet of everything in the house I am super excited to see what’s next.

Most people that use Apple products and services feel like they are part of something bigger, that something has to do with breaking away from the PC pack.

I buy apple products because they remove all the frustrations I experienced in the PC world, I was always angry I had to use electronics until I used a Mac back in 1997. Now, not only am I happy but also excited every time I see the Apple logo.

Happiness brand strategy, the Best PR in the world!

When customers are happy they become ambassadors for you! Companies of all sizes can take advantage of this simple advise, I know it seems pretty insignificant but word of mouth is the best type of advertisement. It can only happen if customers are happy!

Observe the 5 pictures of me and each brand above, they are really simple for a purpose but they tell the story of happiness. More than that, I am not getting paid to write this article but every word typed here and in similar posts everywhere else on the internet is free advertisement for them, that is the real power of happiness. People will talk about it!


Happiness Brand Action Steps and Suggestions

1. Analyze these happiness brands and model your strategy based on happiness, not a whole lot of people do this so the opportunity is certainly there.

2. I also recommend blending your happiness strategy into the personality type that best describes your ideal customer. Doing this will ensure you speak your customers language, what might be fun to you might not be to other people.

3. Read the “Happiest Brands” article by Forbes here.

4. Read the “Secrets of the 10 Most-Trusted Brands” article at

“Happy” marketing!


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