Landing a job should be one of the easiest things an SEO professional should be able to do since most of the process closely resembles average SEO strategies.
Here are two keys that will ensure you landing the job of your dreams.

1. Tailor-suit Your Resume to Match Your Dream Job’s Requirements.

Businessman walkingSEO professionals are quite familiar with keywords and optimizing for search, and in the case of employers looking for employees the same rules apply. So make sure you optimize your resume with keywords employers are looking for.

I have found a job in my city that I would love to apply for, the only thing keeping me from applying is the fact that our company is growing and I love my job.

In this example I have made the job description into a pdf and have also provided my resume as a pdf for you to see what I’ve done.

Here are the keywords this particular employer is looking for.
– Search Engine Optimization
– Sports Lover
– Microsoft Office (Excel)
– Analytics
– Linking (strategic)

I have highlighted these keywords in both pdf’s, that way it is easy for the hiring manager to see that I bring to the table exactly what they are looking for, so it is imperative for them to see those keywords while they are scanning my resume. I only have a couple of seconds to get their attention.

The job at

My Resume at

2. Use Your SEO Skills To Get Found!

Just like in the world of Internet Marketing, you must provide value. Don’t just include the keywords an employer is looking for, tell a story. Write compelling paragraphs that support your claims.

The days of emailing your resume to thousands of employers at once hoping one will bite are over, in today’s world you must provide value to each employer in an individual bases.
But this is great news! This ensures your employer ends up with a great employee and you end up landing the job of your dreams.

Make sure you apply for the job you really want!

That is it! Follow these two rules and you will soon find your employer will be really happy they hired you. Obviously, if one does not pan out move on to the next keeping in mind these 2 cardinal rules.

Happy job hunting!