Podcast – Luke Wroblewski – Mobile as a Medium

This is a great podcast about the mobile experience. I fully agree with his point of view when it comes to mobile.

He explains that web designers today don’t seem focused on creating great mobile experiences but rather in shrinking websites so they fit into smaller screens.
In the podcast it is suggested to start from scratch and to begin by creating a unique experience on mobile that does not have to follow the logic of the main website.Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 3.52.02 PM

At one point Luke expresses that the focus should be on mobile and the website created for computer screens can be re-thought from the standpoint of a mobile user and that the approach should only enhance the experience first created on mobile. Wow! That seems really radical but so true because mobile usage via browsers or apps continues to climb steadily and does not show any sign to plateau any time soon.
There’s no doubt that most of us in the world of technology think that mobile is now a somewhat old technology, we can smell the scent of something new just around the corner, and yet there are millions of websites out there built in the 80’s and 90’s at best. This creates tremendous opportunities for those of us in the technology field of internet marketing.

I really enjoyed the podcast because it reminded me that in order to be successful online one has to create something valuable, something useful, and not something that just kind of takes you through the motions and makes you look like everyone else.

All the best,